I Met Stephenie Meyer Today!

cross posted on my blogger blog here Don’t you love it when life gives you little surprises? I just met Stephenie Meyer today. Our national bookstore chain Chapters/Indigo hosted an event for The Host and it wasn’t publicized until 2 days ago!!! Thanks to my sister who convinced me that this was worth moving half … Continue reading

The Cost of Holding Your Child’s Hand Again – Please Read

I rarely get sappy on this blog and I almost never ask for donations unless it’s a very worthy cause. Well something important has prompted this post. As most of you know I’m a family doctor in Vancouver, B.C. One of the fellow doctors in my office told me last Christmas of her good friend … Continue reading

New Fifty Shades of Grey Wallpaper

Thanks to DreamySim for my newest wallpapers. Click for the original 1920×1200 I’ve added this to my master 50 Shades of Grey page over at my blogger blog.

50 Shades of Grey Locations etc

(Cross posted with blogger here) Find this and all my other Fifty Shades posts at the Master Fifty Page. A couple years back I was involved with some other very dedicated Twihards in making up a Master of the Universe tribute site. We compiled a very long list of images for MotU. Almost all of … Continue reading

50 Shades of Craziness

50 Shades of Grey wallpaper

See the 50 Shades Master Page ************************** Did you know I get 300 hits a day looking for a PDF copy of Master of the Universe? Info for the PDF is at the bottom of this post… I have stopped posting here long ago and have moved (see my new blog here) but couldn’t help … Continue reading