Macaron Adventure: Part 1

cross posted with the blogger version of this blog here I’m at the end of a three week vacation and I’m happy to report I’ve used my time appropriately. Read a bunch of smutty books while vacationing over two Hawaiian islands and renewed my love of crocheting miniature food. And finally got around to learning … Continue reading

Blue Bird Fondant Baby Shower Cupcakes

originally published on Blogger on August 17th, 2010 Okay, before I forget, my good friends in Toronto over at Twilight Mommy have made a contest and my blog is part of it. It’s a treasure hunt – all you have to do is the find the answer on a few blogs and you might win … Continue reading Finally Goes Mobile

(originally posted on Blogger on May 31, 2010) Before I go into the mobile fic thing check out the wonderful gifts I got this week First from my wonderful friend DQ love that they sparkle like EC. And she got me 2 boxes so I can actually open one She really knows my hoarding collector … Continue reading

The Sparkle Peen Queen

(originally posted on Blogger on May 25, 2010) So way back in February 2010 I entered a contest over at Twi-sted Edbrella entitled “We Want Your Sparkle Peens” vying for this version of mini-E Frankly I’m not so sure I like the whole Fabio open shirt thing but Edward is still Edward. Guess what? Today … Continue reading

Decadent Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

(originally posted on Blogger on May 4, 2010) Wow, a treats post for once. It has been almost two months since I’ve posted a dessert recipe review. First of all, I CAN eat gluten yet this cake is so good I would choose to have it even if regular cake was around. Note that my … Continue reading