relax sweetie, it’s okay to drool

Remember my last angsty post about The Shameful Truth About How Twilight Changed My Life? Well as promised here is the followup to that where I finally admit to myself that I like looking at Rob Pattinson. At the beginning of this twilight love I swore I loved the saga because I loved Bella & … Continue reading

Fanfic Friday & What’s New

Site updates Have you all noticed my lovely new banner? I was inspired by the new digs that Jelena put on her blog Confessions of a Twiholic. Seeing as I am not good with huge change (because I’m so indecisive) I decided to just update my banner. A huge shout out to MissAmyJoon for dealing … Continue reading

The Twilight Double Standard

Mr. TC and I both have blogs. I don’t think he’s been reading my blog because honestly, I think it frightens him. His blog is about a passion of his – travel. If he had a blog about a teenage drama (like heaven forbid a Hannah Montana blog with lusty photos of Miley Cyrus) I … Continue reading

Rob’s Newest Interview and My 2 Cents

It’s been plastered all over the internet that Rob has new photoshoots in Details magazine and also in Vogue. By the way, my favourite out of the whole bunch is actually this one. My post today will not be about the photos. We know that he is hot and every one of us dreams that … Continue reading

Erotic E-books and A Remember Me Kiss

Sorry, I couldn’t think of a more creative title for this post. I’m still reeling from the fact that I inadvertently sent my parents the link to this blog. WARNING – Any family members including parental units who choose to read beyond this point be warned. You may not want to see this or the … Continue reading