The Sparkle Peen Queen

(originally posted on Blogger on May 25, 2010)

So way back in February 2010 I entered a contest over at Twi-sted Edbrella entitled “We Want Your Sparkle Peens” vying for this version of mini-E

Frankly I’m not so sure I like the whole Fabio open shirt thing but Edward is still Edward.

Guess what? Today they announced over at Twi-sted Edbrella that Snarkier Than You, Jenny Jerkface, and Latchkey Wife from Twitarded had picked me as the winner!

Here’s the anatomically correct mini sparkle peen I made out of fondant and painted with lustre dust dissolved in vodka.

Go check out her latest post for more of my sparkle peen pics and also some of the other entries. Everyones entries were great and had me LMAO imagining a bunch of middle aged women secretly making sparkle peens around the world.

By the way, I’ve got more pics of this sparkle peen if you want to see them. Trust me, they’re pretty anatomically correct except mini of course.

Now I have to find this fondant creation. I can’t remember where I put it and I’m sure the boys will end up stumbling upon it one day when they sneak into my baking drawer again looking for chocolate.

If you want tips on how I made this guy go ahead and ask in the comments.

Can’t wait for my new mini-E to arrive. Thanks so much to Stan and the Twitarded girls!


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