Blue Bird Fondant Baby Shower Cupcakes

originally published on Blogger on August 17th, 2010 Okay, before I forget, my good friends in Toronto over at Twilight Mommy have made a contest and my blog is part of it. It’s a treasure hunt – all you have to do is the find the answer on a few blogs and you might win … Continue reading

Sugary Sunday Part: Monkey Gumpaste Figurines

Now that we finished making the cupcakes in part 1 now we move on trying to replicate this guy. Here’s the final product. First thing is that I had to figure out if these monkeys were intended for decoration only or for consumption. Fondant is for eating and gumpaste is for looking pretty. Also, I … Continue reading

Sugary Sunday Part 1: Chocolate Cupcakes with Italian Meringue Buttercream

I was asked to do chocolate cupcakes with blue icing and monkeys on top for a one year old birthday celebration. Not to be anti-climactic but here is the final cupcake product just so you know what I’ll be getting to. Part 1 will be the cupcakes. Part 2 will be the monkeys. This monkey … Continue reading

Fanfic Friday!

Hi again all. Hopefully you all had a good week and managed to get some laundry done instead of reading fanfic all week. Sometimes the kids don’t eat anything but cereal all day. For the fanfic newbie and those who love the original vampire Edward and human Bella from the Saga: Try Prelude by belladonnacullen. … Continue reading

Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Kissed Icing

It’s about time I wrote a treats post as well. Holidays have been too busy and sad that my eldest son has to settle for mini cupcakes without any figurines. Well he got a ton of presents and has forgotten that I didn’t make a Lego cake. There is always next year… I have yet … Continue reading