Olympic Mascots On Ice

More Olympic Mascot Toys Mr. TC made my day yesterday. Not only did he take the kids out while I stayed home but he came home bearing gifts. He got me the only McDonald’s Olympics Toys that I had been missing. I had to line up the whole collection and take a pic – I … Continue reading

Olympics and the Coca-Cola Connection

Before we get to Olympics, just a quick note that I have added some more photos to my Flickr and Vodpod video on the sidebar. There should be the monkeys from last week but quite a few of my old sugar creations you haven’t seen before. Onto the corporate sponsorship world. Without it, Vancouver 2010 … Continue reading

Olympic Womens Hockey & More Mascots

More Olympic Mascots I’ve been finding the little Olympic Mascots in the funniest places. I picked up a free Olympic map the other day and was happily surprised with the mascot graphics strewn throughout. I got strange looks from Mr. TC as I was taking multiple iphone pics of our map. You’ll notice that Sumi … Continue reading

Olympics: Exploring Vancouver’s Mint & Cheese

This is the first of a couple of posts about our pre-Opening Ceremonies trek through Vancouver. We’ve spent the last 7 years building up for the world and I thought it would have been a shame to not showcase some of the interesting things to do. I’ll be getting to my view of the Opening … Continue reading

Olympic Mini-Edward Adventures (Part 1)

So as you may have read I wanted to bring mini-E with me to all our Olympic events but Mr. TC drew the line. So mini-E must stay at home and watch the house and kids while we go off into the land of snow (mostly rain) and enjoy festivities. He has decided to have … Continue reading