Finally Goes Mobile

(originally posted on Blogger on May 31, 2010) Before I go into the mobile fic thing check out the wonderful gifts I got this week First from my wonderful friend DQ love that they sparkle like EC. And she got me 2 boxes so I can actually open one She really knows my hoarding collector … Continue reading

Hong Kong Trip – Shopping & Eating #2

(If you missed it, I just posted my Hong Kong flight home earlier tonight as well – here) So I had a very busy second week in Hong Kong. Filled daily with shopping and eating – so much that I did not have time to twitter or post! A few things that I bought in … Continue reading

Twilight Trip to Europe – Venice

(originally posted on Blogger on June 30, 2010) Now that you’ve read about my London trip here’s Venice One small note before I start – I managed to have internet access almost the whole time I was away. How? Mr. TC downloaded a program into his phone that allowed him to make his phone a … Continue reading