Rob Warms Up Vancouver

(originally posted on Blogger on April 30, 2010) So I missed it. I’ve been waiting all day for Rob pictures to see where he is in my city and I missed it. What happened? I got distracted by those blue people with tails because I finally had a chance to see a movie. Mommy TC … Continue reading

My New Autographed Kristen Photo

(originally published on my blogger blog March 6, 2010) So many of you know I am a collector and currently of course Twilight is my new shopping obsession. I have alluded to some of my previous purchases including stuff I bought in Forks at Dazzled by Twilight in my previous Shopping in Forks post. My … Continue reading

A Twilight Dinner Party

I don’t know about you but most of family and friends think that I am crazy. This twilight obsession has taken over my life and most of the people around me don’t share my passion. So, instead of curing myself of this malady I decided to throw a party. The main purpose was to bring … Continue reading