Hong Kong New Moon DVD Day

(originally posted on Blogger March 20, 2010) Forget the Disney or Hong Kong posts for now. Today will be about New Moon. My mother had pre-ordered the 2 disc version from HMV for me. It comes with a bonus movie poster and an iphone skin too for about $25. I don’t know why but we … Continue reading

Hong Kong Trip – Flight to HK (Part 2 – Kristen)

Okay, I broke up my flight post because it was too long. Here’s the link to Part 1-Rob This is Part 2-Kristen (Still writing mid-flight…) While I’m writing this post I also have Mamma Mia playing on the screen in front of me. Some of you may be wondering why I’m not watching New Moon … Continue reading

Hong Kong Trip – Flight to HK (Part 1 – Rob)

(originally posted to Blogger on March 14, 2010) Twilight Saga in Chinese – somehow they look thinner than the English versions Preface – long post but I had little else to do while in flight… I’m writing this while in mid flight to Hong Kong. I feel so oddly cut off from the world with … Continue reading

I Miss having Rob in Vancouver

Today, I came across this photo from the LA Times archive of the New Moon backlot pics. I didn’t have an ache for twilight to come back to town until just then. Now my yearning is back with a vengeance. As many of you know, Vancouver is known as “Hollywood North.” Americans come up here … Continue reading

I survived the twibite challenge

A big pat on the back (or ass) for ME! It was twilightcupcake versus Mrs. P. and I think I spanked her! Okay, she didn’t say it in so many terms but I left her speechless. I am proud to wear the same badge as some of my twiblog elders (sorry, ladies you are all … Continue reading