Rob Warms Up Vancouver

(originally posted on Blogger on April 30, 2010) So I missed it. I’ve been waiting all day for Rob pictures to see where he is in my city and I missed it. What happened? I got distracted by those blue people with tails because I finally had a chance to see a movie. Mommy TC … Continue reading

Rob Arrives Safe and Sound

(originally posted on Blogger on April 28, 2010) So despite all the pleadings of my bloggy friends I didn’t drop all my patients for the day and hang out at Vancouver Airport. Once again, here is Rob leaving Heathrow. I am personally okay with the jacket because I forgive everyone for their clothing choices when … Continue reading

How Much is Rob’s Sweat Worth?

(originally posted to Blogger on April 26, 2010) Since I didn’t win the Rob Pattinson autographed guitar I have been looking for something new (or old) of Rob’s. You know it makes me feel sad that “everyone wants a piece of Rob” yet I am so guilty of this. I’d be the crazy fan who’d … Continue reading

Edward’s Theme Song

So you know how you get random Twilight moments through the day? I heard a song on the radio today and started crying – it was a song sung by French-Canadian singer Garou called “First Day of My Life” It’s not the first time I’ve heard it but I hadn’t listened to the words before. … Continue reading

I Love Rob’s Other Mom

(originally posted on Blogger on April 22, 2010) This post is not about Mrs. Pattinson (that’s Twibite‘s territory) but it does relate to Rob’s Mom. I’ll get there, just stay with me… Unlike the rest of you out there I did not rush out to go see Remember Me. I waited until the absolute last … Continue reading