More Twilight Shopping Temptations

(originally posted on Blogger on April 26, 2010) Before I forget, I got an email last week from Robmusement asking if I would collaborate with her on the 120 Reasons to Love Rob post. Humbled and honoured to be guest posting somewhere for the first time (not counting my Twibite challenge of course). So as … Continue reading

A Long Overdue Twilight Post

Hello my lovelies – here is a long overdue Twilight related post from home. I realize it’s as if I’ve fallen off the face of the earth the last few weeks. Getting off the plane from Hong Kong and then leaving less than a week later for Las Vegas – I can’t complain. My blog … Continue reading

My Twilight Dam Bursts

(originally posted on Blogger on July 11, 2010) It’s been over a month since my last Twilight post. Appalling actually considering I used to post on an almost daily basis. But going away to Europe and escaping from most my blog surfing/tweeting routine was a good thing – I think. Let’s see – reconnected with … Continue reading

Putting the ‘O’ in the Olympics

The 2010 Olympics are coming. They’re just up the street. Literally. The TODAY show will begin broadcasting from our local mountain on Tues Feb 9th. Matt Lauer will be going by my house any day now and I’m sure I won’t know. There have been truckloads of stuff going by for these important Americans and … Continue reading

I know someone who turned down RPattz

This post was prompted by the Twitard’s new post “RPattz, is that you?” because I actually know a girl who was texting (or well, more like he was texting her) with Rob. Long winded story but we’ll get there soon… So, as some of you may know, I hail from Vancouver, B.C. In fact, I … Continue reading