Hong Kong Flight Home – Blood & Guts

(originally posted on Blogger March 28, 2010) Well I’m back home after a long flight with no sleep. It’s 4am and I’m wide awake now. I’m still in post trip bliss and had a trouble free trip back. Had my traditional five minute cry after getting on the plane but it was over super quick since I don’t … Continue reading

Hong Kong Trip – Shopping & Eating #2

(If you missed it, I just posted my Hong Kong flight home earlier tonight as well – here) So I had a very busy second week in Hong Kong. Filled daily with shopping and eating – so much that I did not have time to twitter or post! A few things that I bought in … Continue reading

Hong Kong New Moon DVD Day

(originally posted on Blogger March 20, 2010) Forget the Disney or Hong Kong posts for now. Today will be about New Moon. My mother had pre-ordered the 2 disc version from HMV for me. It comes with a bonus movie poster and an iphone skin too for about $25. I don’t know why but we … Continue reading

Hong Kong Trip #1 – Family, Eating, and Shopping

(originally on Blogger March 18, 2010) Family Baby G is ready for a sunny day of shopping wearing Mommy’s shades So far we’ve been here for a few days and I already feel like it’s been a good satisfying trip. I achieved the real goal of coming to Hong Kong and that is to visit … Continue reading

Hong Kong Trip – Flight to HK (Part 2 – Kristen)

Okay, I broke up my flight post because it was too long. Here’s the link to Part 1-Rob This is Part 2-Kristen (Still writing mid-flight…) While I’m writing this post I also have Mamma Mia playing on the screen in front of me. Some of you may be wondering why I’m not watching New Moon … Continue reading