Decadent Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

(originally posted on Blogger on May 4, 2010)

Wow, a treats post for once. It has been almost two months since I’ve posted a dessert recipe review.

First of all, I CAN eat gluten yet this cake is so good I would choose to have it even if regular cake was around.

Note that my husband is very very picky and not easily impressed. Yet he said this dessert could have easily been served at a fancy restaurant.

My good friend Mrs. R had us over for dinner the other night and her son J has celiac disease and thus needs everything to be gluten-free. She hadn’t made this recipe before but thought it looked promising and we were both up for an adventure.

Decadent Gluten Free Chocolate Cake
by John D Lee found on here

Photo: Paul Goyette (flickr)


3 X 100gram, 70% cocoa dark chocolate bars
1 1/2 cups of sugar
1 1/4 sticks of butter
A pinch of salt
5 eggs

1) Pre-heat oven the oven to 350 degrees.
2) Over a double boiler with barely simmering water underneath, melt the chocolate and sugar, salt, and butter together.
3) When smooth, remove from heat and let cool for a couple of minutes.
4) Meanwhile, beat the eggs.
5) When the chocolate has cooled slightly, fold the eggs in and pour into an 8 inch greased cake pan or pie plate.
6) Bake for 40 minutes, or until a fork inserted comes out pretty clean.
7) Let cool for a few minutes and serve still warm.

Serve with vanilla ice cream and coffee.

Photo: Paul Goyette (flickr)

So, here’s my two cents.

First of all Mrs. R shelled out for Lindt’s 70% dark and Green & Blacks organic dark chocolate.
The instruments to melt everything together was confusing. Melting chocolate in the double boiler is easy but getting the granulated sugar to melt didn’t happen. We initially microwaved the chocolate to almost melt and then the butter melted right in over the double boiler but the sugar never did. When we put it in the oven it was still gritty and Mrs. R was so nervous I think she started defrosting another dessert.
We tempered the eggs with a bit of the batter before folding the eggs back into it.
It baked up perfectly at 40 minutes.

Our cake did not look like the one in the photo. The cake had a crackly texture on top rather than the smooth ganache shiny look but it was still pretty, just a variation. Mrs. R dusted it with some powdered sugar. We had it with ice cream and it was so good!

Crunchy on top, gooey in the middle, and just a bit chewy at the base. I was too busy eating to even take a photo.

So, thumbs up for the first gluten-free recipe on this blog. Hope you enjoy it!

Lastly, Mrs. R is a closet twihard. She came with me to the pre-midnight showing of New Moon and also Remember Me. She surprised me at dinner with something sweet.

New Moon chocolate bar – oh an Edward one

She also knew that I would never eat it but it would end up in the vault. So hungry right now though…

What’s your favourite Twilight food?


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