Finally Goes Mobile

(originally posted on Blogger on May 31, 2010) Before I go into the mobile fic thing check out the wonderful gifts I got this week First from my wonderful friend DQ love that they sparkle like EC. And she got me 2 boxes so I can actually open one She really knows my hoarding collector … Continue reading

Hockeyward Talks and Where the Hell I’ve Been

(originally posted on Blogger on May 10, 2010) Okay, you remember my last post about Hockeyward from The Misapprehension of Bella Swan? Even if you don’t remember the words you can’t forget this: Well, Hockeyward happens to have his own Twitter account (I know, for all of you non-Twitter people how crazy is it that … Continue reading

Twi-Mobile Network Headquarters

(originally on Blogger March 16, 2010) Twi-Mobile has grown up and has moved out. Now everyone can see all mobile friendly twilight sites from one click. The desktop version can now be found at and mobile at The sidebar lists all the current members so you can see at a glance which blogs … Continue reading

My Twilight Dam Bursts

(originally posted on Blogger on July 11, 2010) It’s been over a month since my last Twilight post. Appalling actually considering I used to post on an almost daily basis. But going away to Europe and escaping from most my blog surfing/tweeting routine was a good thing – I think. Let’s see – reconnected with … Continue reading