TwiTour Vancouver – Red Bella Comments and Photos

(originally posted on Blogger on May 21, 2010) Thanks to red_bella for her lovely comment in my last post. It was so good that I had to repost it here so you could all enjoy. Especially since she let me share some of her great photos. It was an awesome weekend, I had so much … Continue reading

Rob Warms Up Vancouver

(originally posted on Blogger on April 30, 2010) So I missed it. I’ve been waiting all day for Rob pictures to see where he is in my city and I missed it. What happened? I got distracted by those blue people with tails because I finally had a chance to see a movie. Mommy TC … Continue reading

Rob Arrives Safe and Sound

(originally posted on Blogger on April 28, 2010) So despite all the pleadings of my bloggy friends I didn’t drop all my patients for the day and hang out at Vancouver Airport. Once again, here is Rob leaving Heathrow. I am personally okay with the jacket because I forgive everyone for their clothing choices when … Continue reading

Olympic Mascots On Ice

More Olympic Mascot Toys Mr. TC made my day yesterday. Not only did he take the kids out while I stayed home but he came home bearing gifts. He got me the only McDonald’s Olympics Toys that I had been missing. I had to line up the whole collection and take a pic – I … Continue reading

Olympics and the Coca-Cola Connection

Before we get to Olympics, just a quick note that I have added some more photos to my Flickr and Vodpod video on the sidebar. There should be the monkeys from last week but quite a few of my old sugar creations you haven’t seen before. Onto the corporate sponsorship world. Without it, Vancouver 2010 … Continue reading