Twilight Inspired Scrapbooking Supplies

(originally posted on Blogger on May 31, 2010) Love Twilight? Love Scrapbooking? Planning a trip to Forks or have you already been? Read on! So thanks to my friend Lulu I was able to find the Break Up Log for Mrs. P back in the day when I did the Twibite challenge. The New Moon … Continue reading

Forks Travel Series #5: Our Own Forks Twilight Tour

We arrived at the Pacific Inn Motel at night and yes, it is really just a motel. Front desk staff was friendly and there were a few twilight things inside┬áthe small lobby area. Check in was easy and the rooms were nice enough. The crazy overwhelming twilight decor made me forget the HoJo feel of … Continue reading

Forks Travel Series #4: Where to Stay

So a quick run down about Where to Stay in Forks Of course, this depends upon your style. I am a Westin kind of girl but of course will take a Four Season or Ritz anyday. My biggest factor, believe it or not, is the washroom. If it is modern and clean I’m actually not … Continue reading

Forks Travel Series #2: you wanna sleep under Edward? You gotta find him first

Okay, you want to reach the twilight promised land? First you have to know where to go. Where is Forks anyways? (you can move the map around) Forks is at least 3 hours travel west of Seattle. Port Angeles is the closest big town and is 75 minutes drive east of Forks on Highway 101. … Continue reading