New Fifty Shades of Grey Wallpaper

Thanks to DreamySim for my newest wallpapers. Click for the original 1920×1200 I’ve added this to my master 50 Shades of Grey page over at my blogger blog. Advertisements

50 Shades of Craziness

50 Shades of Grey wallpaper

See the 50 Shades Master Page ************************** Did you know I get 300 hits a day looking for a PDF copy of Master of the Universe? Info for the PDF is at the bottom of this post… I have stopped posting here long ago and have moved (see my new blog here) but couldn’t help … Continue reading

My New Autographed Kristen Photo

(originally published on my blogger blog March 6, 2010) So many of you know I am a collector and currently of course Twilight is my new shopping obsession. I have alluded to some of my previous purchases including stuff I bought in Forks at Dazzled by Twilight in my previous Shopping in Forks post. My … Continue reading