50 Shades of Grey Locations etc

(Cross posted with blogger here) Find this and all my other Fifty Shades posts at the Master Fifty Page. A couple years back I was involved with some other very dedicated Twihards in making up a Master of the Universe tribute site. We compiled a very long list of images for MotU. Almost all of … Continue reading

50 Shades of Craziness

50 Shades of Grey wallpaper

See the 50 Shades Master Page ************************** Did you know I get 300 hits a day looking for a PDF copy of Master of the Universe? Info for the PDF is at the bottom of this post… I have stopped posting here long ago and have moved (see my new blog here) but couldn’t help … Continue reading

Fanfic Friday: Master of the Universe

************** Are you looking for the Master of the Universe PDF? I’ve included the link in this new post. ************** Even though I have an Olympics post pending Fanfic Fridays come first. I’ve mentioned Master of the Universe (MotU) before and I’m sure most of you ff diehards are already following this one. This story … Continue reading

Fanfic: Get it while it’s hot

************** If you are looking for the Master of the Universe PDF please see┬áthe 50 Shades of Grey Master Page. ************** It has come to my attention that some of my books are being burned. Figuratively of course. Even though the Olympic torch is coming right by my house today (squeals) they ain’t stopping to … Continue reading