50 Shades of Grey Locations etc

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A couple years back I was involved with some other very dedicated Twihards in making up a Master of the Universe tribute site. We compiled a very long list of images for MotU. Almost all of these apply to the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy as well.


Escala Midtown

Escala 50 Shades

The Heathman Hotel, Portland

Heathman Hotel Marble Bar 50 Shades
Marble Bar
Heathman Suite 50 Shades

Fairmont Olympic Seattle Suite

Pic of View from new house

View of the Sound 50 Shades

Brown’s Hotel, London

Hellenic Royal Suite

Brown's Hotel Honeymoon Suite 50 Shades

Honeymoon (Saint Paul de Vence)

Fifty’s Nice Things

The Esme (MotU)

50 Shades Catamaran

Trouton paintings from Edward’s office

Trouton art 50 Shades

Audi R8 Spyder (Fifty’s is black)

Audi R8 50 Shades

Echo Charlie.Charlie Tango – Eurocopter EC135

50 Shades Helicopter Echo Charlie Tango

Glider L-23 Super Blanik

Glider L-23 Super Blanik 50 Shades

Jasmine bath oil

Bed made of pale blue driftwood

Gifts from Bella/Ana
Model Glider


50 Shade model glider
pic from Icy Twilighted forum thread

Yes keychain

Echo Charlie Tango Wooden toy

Gifts from Fifty
Tess of the D’Urbervilles – First Editions

Tess of the D'Urbervilles First Editions 50 Shades

Bollinger Grande Annee Brut Champagne 1999

Bollinger Grande Annee Brut Champagne 50 Shades

iPod Engraved




iPod engraved Master of the Universe MotU
by TwilightCupcake

Cartier diamond earrings

Cartier diamond earrings 50 Shades

Emerald green floor length chiffon dress

Christian Louboutin shoes


Saab 9-3 2.0T sport sedan


Christian Louboutin Grey Suede Shoes

Elements of Kinky Fuckery
Red Room of Pain

50 Shades Red Room of Pain Kinky fuckery
Something similar from MotU twilighted thread

Ben Wa balls

50 Shades Ben Wa balls

Wartenburg Pinwheel

Wartenburg Pinwheel 50 Shades
Suggestions welcome and I’ll be adding to this in the future.
Reminder that this and the rest of my Fifty Shades posts including wallpapers and autographed merchandise can be found at the Fifty Shades Master page.
7 Responses to “50 Shades of Grey Locations etc”
  1. Jessica Lynn says:

    I love that the book has people talking about sex. Can’t wait to see who is cast in the movie. If you are new to this, go to Amazon for your toys. So cheap. http://bit.ly/ben-wa-balls-beads

  2. Luv it, luv all of it 🙂 keep em cumin xxx

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love everything about this book E L James should be proud of herself. Really hope that she writes more material; I cannot deny that if she does have another book out just as exciting as this I will be the first to get it on the shelves… Well Done E L James loved your books

  4. This book has got right under my skin!!! I’ve ordered ‘Darker’ and ‘Freed’… I don’t like the sound of the third title, sounds like they don’t end up together. I want them to. As for the movie, Jensen Ackles is the only choice! Don’t just Google him, watch him, amazing actor AND has the looks and sex appeal!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers I hope for the movie 🙂

  6. Rae Taylor says:

    Do you think E.L. James had a Georgia hotel in mind when describing the bar and suite in the first book?

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