Blue Bird Fondant Baby Shower Cupcakes

originally published on Blogger on August 17th, 2010

Okay, before I forget, my good friends in Toronto over at Twilight Mommy have made a contest and my blog is part of it. It’s a treasure hunt – all you have to do is the find the answer on a few blogs and you might win a $40 gift certificate. What could you buy with it?

My sister-in-law JL recently had a baby. You know my friends DQ and JR love throwing a good party so we had a blast. DQ was such a sweetheart she did all the invites and the favours herself.

See how pretty?

Check out these matching hand iced sugar cookies. They were delicious too.

We were ecstatic to welcome a new baby girl into our lives since JR and I both have two sons and DQ’s youngest is already three.

By the way, take a look at the menu JR made up. Our preggie girl is a huge fan of Paris so we thought a French food theme was in order.

The food JR made was amazing as always and she managed to make sure even the fancy cheeses were pasteurized and pregnancy friendly.

See the cute wheelbarrow? My father-in-law made that on short notice just for his baby girl. So sweet.

Okay, onto the cupcakes.


Not actually JL’s real name 🙂

I made Coconut Cupcakes – Recipe courtesy of Ina Garten.

This is a tried and true favourite of the mom-to-be. Note – I tried increasing these by 50% – did not work well. I think the ratios must have been off.

Almost considered tossing the lot because I thought they were a bit dense. But the cream cheese frosting saves everything! This recipe makes 30% more frosting than you will need.

Fondant Toppers

JL’s favourite colour is blue and her baby room is a wonderful turqouisey teal colour. I was going to make a flat 2D graphic bird. Way too hard for me to cut things out with an exacto or use the Cricut. Actually easier to hand sculpt these guys.

The brown fondant is actually the new Duff’s (as in Ace of Cakes from food network) Chocolate fondant at Michael’s. Very easy to work with and tastes quite good. I got a kick out of staring at Duff’s face while I was working on these.

The birds were inspired by these ones from Wilton’s but I actually like mine better.

If I had time I would have toasted the coconut before sprinkling and shaped them into little nests. Alas next time…

Okay another travel post about Florence is coming up this week.

3 Responses to “Blue Bird Fondant Baby Shower Cupcakes”
  1. What a fantastic baby shower. You all outdid yourselves! I showed your fondant cupcakes to my co-worker, TC, because her daughter is just starting to try her hand at it.. Can’t imagine the patience you have to have to do all of that. I don’t have it in me.

  2. Baby Games says:

    I like those cup cakes.. they looks very delicious..

    Mickey Buarao

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