TwiTour Vancouver – Red Bella Comments and Photos

(originally posted on Blogger on May 21, 2010)

Thanks to red_bella for her lovely comment in my last post. It was so good that I had to repost it here so you could all enjoy. Especially since she let me share some of her great photos.

It was an awesome weekend, I had so much fun.

It was great getting to meet you finally. I didn’t even notice that Peter had that can of Red Bull at the table with us during the brunch…. Quick thinking on grabbing that!

I thought about bidding on that Edward poster at the brunch, but then I noticed that you had already bid on it I thought better of it. You must bring it to FFFFOOORRRKKKSS!

I don’t know if I would do a whole Gold Weekend Pass again but it did put me up front and to the right of the state and in the front of the line for any autographs. Friday the attendance wasn’t so great. I did enjoy listening to Kiowa and Bronson though. I skipped the Karaoke on Friday night cause I can’t and won’t sing! Trust me on that one!

Saturday was great, a few more people in attendance. Jodelle was sooooo cute! She and Cameron Bright were joking around with each other. Bronson and Kiowa did a dual Q&A that was fun and then Daniel Cudmore just stole the show. God that man was funny! He could easily be a stand-up comedian. It was suggested that he do so during his Q&A, he said that he’d rather do sit down comedy since he was so tall 6’6″! That man was all legs! He also talked about being in makeup for an alien on Stargate Atlantis and how he couldn’t scratch his face and all he could do to relieve an itch was to poke at his face through the makeup.

I participated in the twilight trivia contest. In the first round I was 4th… oh so close and yet so far away. The winner was this guy from Washington who has won fifteen of the trivia contests with TwiTour! The man was a walking Twilight dictionary, his one comment to Cameron Bright when he admitted that he hadn’t read the series was “Real Men read Twilight”. He gives all his prizes and gift certificates to his daughter, part of the prizes were a makeover then be part of the Vampire Court at the dance Saturday night and dance with the cast members.

I came home with some good Twi-loot. Picked up a Vampire Baseball T-shirt, a Team Hillywood T-shirt, a convention tote bag to carry my loot, one of the Team Jacob gift bags for the Volutri makeup and a twilight sticker that I’m going to put on my Smart Car somewhere. I also acquired a Team Wolf pack pencil from the Twilight Lexicon ladies. Oh, I also had a photo op with Bronson and Kiowa. I’m not big on being photographed, so that’s the only one that I did. I was mistakenly given an extra photo op ticket and my friend didn’t want to use it, so I scoured the event and found this woman with six or more kids with her and gave it to her.

All in all I had a great time, got lots of autographs in my Twilight collector’s edition. I’m hoping to get all the cast’s autographs in it.

Well red_bella it was awesome meeting you and thank you so much for letting me share your weekend. Great that you’ve got the autographs in your Twilight Collector’s edition. Hoping you one day get the Holy Grail as Mrs. P calls it.

Here are some of red_bella’s photos from the weekend. You know it’s not normally my style to just post a bunch of pics but you asked for them.

Bronson Pelletier
Kiowa Gordon
Kiowa and Bronson
Cameron Bright
Daniel Cudmore
Jodelle Ferland
Catherine Hardwicke
Peter Facinelli
Peter coming to brunch with infamous Red Bull can
costume contest contestant Jane
she was at Starbucks at it freaked me out
costume contest winner as Rosalie
Hillywood cast

Great photos red_bella. Glad someone wasn’t as dumbstruck as me and had the good sense to actually take out their camera.


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