Hockeyward Talks and Where the Hell I’ve Been

(originally posted on Blogger on May 10, 2010)

Okay, you remember my last post about Hockeyward from The Misapprehension of Bella Swan? Even if you don’t remember the words you can’t forget this:

Well, Hockeyward happens to have his own Twitter account (I know, for all of you non-Twitter people how crazy is it that fictional characters have their own accounts). And of course I not only follow him but sent him the message that I posted about him last week.

Even after the Canucks lost and were down 3-1 in the series against the Blackhawks I still refused to Unfollow him. In fact, I tweeted to him that I was secretly cheering for him – damn him and his monster cock! Once again, you have to go and read this story. I am not kidding about the monster cock part.

Well, he finally tweeted me back. He told me in no uncertain terms that I was cheering for the right team and that it shouldn’t be a secret. He even had a message for Mr. TC.

I know this should seem as silly as when kids get excited that Santa wrote back to them from the North Pole at Christmas. But I just about squealed thinking that Hockeyward (and I truly picture some very buff looking guy that looks like Rob Pattinson) is typing to me on his laptop and smirking while he does it. I have to say it – Swoon!

All right, enough silliness. Thank you all for listening to the rant yesterday and also for agreeing with me that my kids can be crazy adorable sometimes. Not all the time, like when you wake up at 6:45am and hear “Mommy, Geoffrey is peeing on me!” it really isn’t very cute.

So, Jelena pointed out that I have been seemingly distant these days and it’s true. I have not been around this blog as much. But I am spending a whole lot of time over at my Twi-Mobile blog. I actually went and refreshed all my HTML and CSS last week just for the hell of it. I’m still not even close to knowing what I’m doing but it’s been fun. In addition I’ve been pulling out the Photoshop to work on new wallpapers for the iPad and iPhone.

So these are some that I posted over at Twi-Mobile tonight.

Here’s one for Mrs. P from Twibite

And another one for Alison from Twifans

So go over there and check out my pretty things even though you don’t have an iPad (yet) – see Twi-Mobile.
By the way, I was super excited last week that Twifans joined Twi-Mobile. Do you know they have 30,000 followers? Craziness.

The Twilight Convention is this weekend coming up and I am very excited to be going. Can’t wait to meet PFach and CHardwicke. Still haven’t decided what to have them sign (besides Mrs. P’s avi of course).

So, now that you’ve all witness my giddiness over getting a tweet back from a fictitious character –
Have you ever heard back from a celebrity fan letter before?


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