Happy F*ckin Mother’s Day

(originally posted on Blogger on May 9, 2010)

So, it’s Mothers Day evening and the kids are finally in bed. My two little boys today were nothing short of wonderful. My husband, god bless him, was extraordinary as well. Considering today is his birthday he decided to move his birthday to next week just so today would be all about me.

I am in a ranting mood though. Not because the breakfast that the kids fed me this morning made me nauseous and gave me stomach cramps. Or that the nausea coupled with my period being two days late made me force my husband to go buy me a pregnancy test. And that Mrs. P’s rant blog mentioned people whose contraception failed and causing them involuntary motherhood. Or that I had to take a gravol for the nausea which knocked me out cold for the whole afternoon. Or that Mofuse chose today to upgrade their server (I hope) and that all mobile blogs were down.

No I am ranting despite the lovely things too – like my mother taking my youngest for the whole afternoon and my husband taking the oldest out for the whole day. And that I got gifts from my sister and sister in law. Including Twilight and New Moon trading cards


My first twilight trading cards ever
Love that this is not a pic from the movie – Rob and Kristen look so carefree
My New Moon trading cards – yeah for the hologram one bottom right
Oh, one with Rob half naked is always good
I love this line from the movie – gives me chills even now.

By the way, despite the fact that I have a crapload of Twilight stuff I haven’t owned a single trading card until today. I’ll pay sh*tloads of money for an autographed scrap of paper but $3 for a pack of cards seems silly to me. Go figure.

Anyways – no, I’m ranting because we have a gigantic family. My husband is the eldest sibling and Sunday family dinner falls to us quite often. Our dining room seats 8 people and we always have 12 people for dinner. It’s my fault really for not buying a bigger house and dining room table. The issue always becomes who should sit with the kids in the kitchen during dinner. Not really a big deal – it’s just the kitchen right?

Well, it’s Mother’s Day. Don’t you think that even though I didn’t cook the dinner (like I said my husband is great and cooks everyday and made prime rib tonight) that I should get to sit in the dining room for my own celebration? No, instead me and my mother (bless her heart she was very happy just to spend the holiday in Vancouver rather than Hong Kong) had to sit in the kitchen and feed the kids. The rest of our family sat in the dining room drinking wine and eating on the table that I helped to set.

I know this must seem extraordinarily silly and petty but it made my blood boil. The only person to clue in to the fact I was upset was my pregnant sister in law, who offered halfway through dinner if I wanted to sit in the dining room instead. I wasn’t about to make the preggie woman move when the meal was almost done.

I ate 6 bites of food and decided to spend the rest of the evening upstairs holed up in my bedroom suite. Mind you it’s comfortable and altogether about 600 sq ft so I was quite happy to stay in there surfing and tweeting. My husband eventually found me and asked why I didn’t ask someone to move seats. What the hell would I say – walk up to one of the men and ask them to get up out of my chair and go feed my kids? They are still guests in my house and if they are too clueless to think about the fact that I should probably be enjoying my own celebration then I wasn’t about to be the bitch to tell them.

So, I’ve vented – thank you for listening. They are now all gone and I have finished cleaning the kitchen and the rest of the house after the mess that no one bothered to offer to clean up.

Like Twired Jen said, it’s nothing a little fanfic won’t help with.

I know that I am blessed. I don’t have very much to rant about in general and I’m sure my mothers day was one of the best out there. It’s just the PMS talking. And, no, the pregnancy test was negative so I’m not pregnant.

So, on a nice note, I’ll leave you with the Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Mom that my 7 year old wrote for me (as he wrote it of course):

1) I Love you becouse you gave birth to me.
2) I Love you becouse you make shur geoffrey doesn’t crach my neck.
3) I Love you becouse you’re my number one (or 2nd) fan
4) I Love you becouse you take me trick or treting.
5) I Love you Becouse you make me happy wan I’m sad.
6) I Love you Becouse you always Love me and my Bro.
7) I Love you becouse you make me Hethy (healthy).
8) I Love you becouse you Bake stuff that you can eat.
9) I Love you becouse you led me money
10) I Love you Becouse you’re my special mom.

Here’s hoping you all had a lovely day celebrating with your families.


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