Rob Warms Up Vancouver

(originally posted on Blogger on April 30, 2010)

So I missed it. I’ve been waiting all day for Rob pictures to see where he is in my city and I missed it. What happened? I got distracted by those blue people with tails because I finally had a chance to see a movie.

Mommy TC has come back into town from Hong Kong and took the kids off our hands so Mr. TC and I could go for dinner and a movie. By the way, Mommy TC theoretically doesn’t know I have a blog. She knows I’m a Twihard though because she helped me set up for the Twilight dinner party last year.

Click to see the party these cupcakes were destined for.

Also yesterday she was in my walk in closet and asked me “do you still need this box?” and was motioning to throw it out. I immediately screamed “Oh my god, don’t touch it. Edward’s in there!”

Poor Edward is back in my closet now

I was busy crying my eyes out to Avatar when the newest Vancouver Rob pics came out today on Popsugar at 9:20pm.

Seriously could he have found a dirtier jacket?
Does Ralph Lauren make it this way?
I would love to know why this guy is and where he sells his stuff
Don’t worry about the food Rob. It’s good 🙂

So after some pondering, researching, and then “uh duh” moments I realized which restaurant in Vancouver that Rob was eating lunch at with his friend Sam Bradley. They have good food and even better beer (not that I know since I’m a vodka kind of girl). If you ever come through Vancouver I’ll be happy to take you there some time.

Interesting that he was there with no security. This shocks me despite it being a Thursday afternoon. Don’t they know there are crazy fan bitches who have the day off? Lucky for him the kids had too many activities today and I didn’t have a chance to scour the city with MK (no, I’m not saying you are a crazy fan bitch, I was talking about the other people we see lurking on the street).

Anxiously awaiting to see if after tomorrow’s day of shooting at the studio he looks clean shaven aka like he was actually trying to be Edward. There is no way he came here just to hang with Kristen 🙂

So why the title of the post? Well, Vancouver is notoriously gloomy and I’m sure that the re-shoot had to re-jig a bit to accommodate the suddenly nice weather.

You can see there is definitely sun shining on Rob from behind him. The guy arrives in town and the sun hasn’t stopped shining. Are the skies reflecting my giddiness that I am that much closer to the Precious? The following pic from my iPhone tonight should tell you how happy the heavens are that Rob is here.

See the pink clouds? Even the angels are smiling on him

I really should put my guitar in the trunk just in case I spot him on the way to work and can get him to autograph it. That is what a good fan would do…until tomorrow.

Quick sidenote, I don’t know who started calling our city The Couve but I don’t like it. It’s like calling San Francisco “Frisco” – it’s just plain wrong. There is no nickname for Vancouver and we like it that way. Sorry but they don’t call this British Columbia for nothing.


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