How Does My Twilight Fandom Rank?

(originally posted on Blogger April 19, 2010)

There is a Twilight Convention coming to Vancouver on May 14-16, 2010 and thus far I do not have tickets. Somehow I don’t feel compelled to attend – is that odd?

I consider myself to be a very big Twilight fan (well, not actually big because I’m really Alice-sized but you know what I mean). You want evidence? Well…

– I have a frickin blog where that’s the first word in the title.

– I made my husband drive me to Forks last year (click to see my Forks travel posts if you haven’t seen them).

Click the pic from La Push last year to see my Forks trip.

– There is a full size Edward in my closet (mind you he’s hiding in his box but still I know he is there while I’m changing into my undies). Yes, he’s left over from my Twilight dinner party last year.

Click to see my beautiful Twilight dinner party.

– I own, not one set, but two sets of Barbies Bella and Edward. You know, one to collect and one to play with. Mind you I only have one Jacob and it’s just in case I want to re-enact Edward kicking Jacob’s ass one day.

– I have forked out too much $$ for autographed stuff from Stephenie Meyer, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart. (Of note I have yet to make a detailed post about my autographed stuff from my pre-blog days – I’ll have to get around to it one day.)

My latest autographed item – click to see the post

– I am diverting our wedding anniversary trip to Italy in June away from fashion capital Milan just to go to the dusty old countryside villages of Volterra and Montepulciano (note I am not into antiques or anything that is old – see my post on aging Pierce Brosnan).

– I own copies of the Twilight books in Chinese and Japanese even though I can’t read them.

– I started playing the guitar just to try and learn Never Think – by the way, this has not panned out well. God bless Rob and his long fingers.

Click Rob’s hands for Twilight piano sheet music

– I actually bid over $3000 on the Rob Pattinson autographed guitar on ebay last month. And no, I didn’t win.

So with the above list you would think I’d be jumping at the chance to spend an entire weekend immersed in Twilight and excited about the possibility of meeting Catherine Hardwicke and Peter Facinelli. But I’m not. In fact, I feel a bit numb about the whole thing.

Am I broken? What is wrong with me? Mr. TC actually pointed out a sign to me today while shopping that said they are having a contest to win Twilight convention tickets inside the store and I didn’t blink an eye and just kept walking.
(By the way Vancouverites, London Drugs is having a contest in the cosmetics department.)

I’m not sure why I’m feeling so reticent. On the one hand, in our city I actually have some professional image to uphold – hence, I try (key word here is try) to maintain some anonymity on this site. Would it be weird if you were with your teenage daughter and saw your doctor in line in front of you gushing to PFach that he did a good job suturing in New Moon?

Couldn’t exactly tell PFach that he has a great ass in Supernova
Or what if you saw your gyne giggling like a schoolgirl trying to choose which Edward panties to buy? Maybe you guys don’t think it would be that weird and would actually think it was cool or funny? Let me know your honest thoughts on this one.

On the other hand, and I actually feel most awkward about this reason, I’m wondering if part of me is just embarrassed at the idea of attending a Twilight Convention. It’s the same weird feeling I used to get when I’d be inconspicuously walking by the now-defunct Twilight table at my local bookstore. If someone saw me there I would just walk even faster and look away. I am not judging anyone here. I am just as deep into twi-obsession as the rest of my blogging buddies. Yet, why do I feel so ashamed of this gigantic obsession when having to face it in real life?

I should be able to admit I am certainly one of these fans or worse

I am infatuated to the point of having (not one) but two blogs dedicated to Twilight yet I don’t know if I can bring myself to actually go to this convention. I don’t think I should have a problem admitting that I am one of those crazed fans that attends these things. Come to think of it, how many Twilight fanblogs are there that originate from Vancouver? I can think of a few celebrity sighting blogs but none that are just Twilight related. In that case, am I Vancouver’s Super Twilight-fan? Oh god, would I be considered the “#1 Fan” – you know like the kind that stalked Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard? Well, that’s just creepy.

Despite the crap acting I really enjoyed this movie.

On another less crazy note, I have some Thank You’s to give out today.

The first is long overdue. You may recall my friend Dangrdafne’s first blog post ever was about the Olympics stuff that I sent her from Vancouver. Well, she sent back a lovely box to me as well. But due to the long customs lineup at Canada Post the package arrived while I was away in Hong Kong. So I got to watch my husband open it through video chat on Gmail. In addition to a cute card these are the things she included.

Can’t wait to bake my way through this book
All of Dangrdafne’s followers – recognize this gift bag?

So a huge thank you to Dangrdafne – I’ve been meaning to thank you for a month now and everytime I see the cupcake bag on your blog I freak out just a wee bit. Go check out her blog Dangrdafne’s Days of Delirium – it is a bit of sanity and purity in this crazy world of Twitardia.

Which brings me to one of the dirtiest blogs I have the honour of listing on my blogroll. A gigantic thank you goes out to Mrs. P at Twibite for the awesome shout out post she gave me last week. Twi-Mobile was created, probably like most inventions, out of pure selfishness by a frustrated iPhone user – namely me. I am grateful for all the bloggy friends that let me persuade them to join and for all the new blogs that have joined since then – including Twitarded and Twilightish.

I was quite floored when Twilightish emailed me out of the blue last week asking to join Twi-Mobile. Seriously, they emailed me 🙂 When I heard that Mrs. P put her pimp-out Twi-Mobile post on her Facebook fanpage and then subsequently got a warning email from Facebook that the post was too explicit I felt super guilty.

Seriously Facebook, this is what you were worried about?

But also very grateful as that whole Facebook thing prompted her to post the mother of all Rob cock posts (thanks to the mad manip skills of Tina’s Been Rob’d). So, big hugs to Mrs. P (or a slap on the ass because that’s what I think she really likes).

And lastly, did you catch earlier in this post that I now own the Japanese book versions of Twilight as well?

I got these wonderful treasures courtesy of my brilliant cousin VL. She happens to be the Hello Kitty obsessed relative I’ve mentioned before in my Hong Kong posts. I was so surprised to open up the package this week – squeals! I was not expecting these at all – they are very pretty. And, indeed there is not a hope in hell that I will ever be able to read these but I don’t care.

By the way, they split Twilight itself into two smaller books about a 1/2 inch thick and only about 5 inches tall. The books come with a removable movie ad-on cover that goes overtop. It also depicts some of the colour graphic novel depictions from Japan.

Japanese anime Edward and Bella
All the books come split in two parts

Remember Japan is obsessed with Twilight too? Their Twilight movie opening was almost as big a deal over there as it was in North America. They are way more twitarded than Hong Kong or China.

Wow, looks like a big deal over there doesn’t it
(photo courtesy Robert Pattinson Australia)
I love how it’s telling Mrs. Pattinson to give him head
(what else is the arrow to his crotch for?)
(photo from TwiCrack Addict)
They also seem to do some lovely photoshoots of Rob over in Japan. Here is one from Robert Pattinson Australia that I just had to put up.

Final thank yous to my newest followers – yeah for having over 50 followers now! I am happy to hear from you and hope that the long winded tutorials actually prove to be of some use to somebody out there 🙂

For our iphone/ipod users, I will be adding a Twilight iphone app and wallpaper page soon to Twi-Mobile so stay tuned.


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