Hong Kong Flight Home – Blood & Guts

(originally posted on Blogger March 28, 2010)

Well I’m back home after a long flight with no sleep. It’s 4am and I’m wide awake now. I’m still in post trip bliss and had a trouble free trip back. Had my traditional five minute cry after getting on the plane but it was over super quick since I don’t like crying in front of my kids. I always seem to cry when I leave Hong Kong. I think it’s a combination of leaving my 90 something year old grandma, who was crying when we left (not helping my tears) but also leaving the comfort of staying with parents and going back to the reality of work and motherhood with two young boys. It’s the same bittersweet emotion that made me cry walking down the aisle with my father. Of course it was wonderful seeing Mr. TC again and I had missed my 7 year old very much.

So what twilight delights awaited me on the airplane?

I discovered that the Cathay music section had both the twilight and New  Moon original soundtracks. I couldn’t listen to anything except Monsters from New Moon because they were just too emo and you need to stay peppy for a 12 hour flight with a four year old. But Monsters always makes me think of Rob’s sex walk so I played it a couple of times.

I didn’t watch New Moon again this time because of the whole emo avoidance but watched the “E! Entertainment Behind the scenes of New Moon” special again, especially now that I know it’s not available online anymore.

So, I have been hearing lots of Nurse Jackie hype, especially on PFach twitter of course. I haven’t seen it in Vancouver yet but I don’t think I’ve been looking hard enough. Well, I watched the pilot and two other episodes on the plane.

It is a good show and I love how it is told from the nursing perspective. It’s so true how a lot of the experienced nurses know more than the newbie hot shot doctors. I also agreed with Dr. O’Hara’s comment about how the whole caring and healing thing was more the nurses domain than the physicians – sad but true. The part where the doctor actually buys new clothes from Bergdorf’s instead of dry cleaning them was hilarious. And lastly, it is so true that doctors borrow everything – pens, stethoscopes, sandwiches, etc. We just randomly pick up stuff as we work and don’t realize what we are doing. Funny to see the perspective of the person we borrow from 🙂 Apologies to all the nursing staff on behalf of my whole profession for every time we have “borrowed” a pen from someone and they never saw it again.

I have been avoiding the second season of True Blood because the whole Lafayette captive thing scared me too much at the beginning. Even when my mom was watching season two all of last week I’ve been hiding out and twittering with you folk.

But I got sucked in on the plane and watched four episodes. I even watched episode 9 twice. After the first Eric dream sequence I am officially Team Eric. That whole dialogue while making out naked in bed thing was so hot I couldn’t help but rewind and watch it again. I’m sure the people who could see my screen on the plane were pleased with that. This youtube video is about as close as I could get – in the real episode it shows much more of him very naked.

I was surprised they don’t edit True Blood at all for the airplane. My son was watching the Disney Cars movie on my laptop on my tray right under my video screen and I prayed he didn’t look up and see the vampires covered in blood having very hot sex.

Quick Rob autographed guitar update. So the first ebay auction didn’t meet reserve. I did bid but at the minimum really and so wasn’t surprised. Well it is not relisted and with NO RESERVE! So far it is up to $3550 and there are 2 bidders. The auction ends in 2 days

I’ll be posting about my last week in Hong Kong and also Hong Kong Disneyland in a separate post. I know, totally out of order but there are too many HK photos to surf through.

Also, it seems that Rob dreams are becoming rampant in twitardia so I’ll be posting mine as well. It was from a very restful sleep I had the last week I spent in Hong Kong.

Lastly, there are some additions and updates to Twi-Mobile that I’ll be posting as well so stay tuned.


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