Hong Kong New Moon DVD Day

(originally posted on Blogger March 20, 2010)

Forget the Disney or Hong Kong posts for now. Today will be about New Moon.

My mother had pre-ordered the 2 disc version from HMV for me. It comes with a bonus movie poster and an iphone skin too for about $25. I don’t know why but we took forever to leave the house this am. In fact, they had called March 19th evening to say it was ready for pick up but I still waited until today. I’m just going to post all the photos I took with minimal writing. I am at a loss for words today.

Outside HMV
Plenty of copies at the counter
Special HMV DVD case
I can’t read it either but still took a pic
Main disc
Bonus features disc

I am SO HAPPY!! Now, if only I can put it on without screwing up
Full size New Moon movie poster
– distorted as I’m holding it down with my toes
From December 2009 – For $16 USD you get one of three folders, the NM soundtrack CD, and $2 off the movie
I have an obsession for plastic folders – can’t buy this anywhere!!
Lists of songs on soundtrack
The coupon for $10 HKD ($1.50 USD) off the show (from Dec 2009)
plain tight fitting black with silver writing – perfect
I’ve resisted buying a T-shirt but it was only $18 USD
good thing I’ve finally allowed myself to buy Edward stuff without Bella too
Having his face right on my chest feels a bit awkward
“What choice have I? I cannot be without you, but I will not destroy your soul”
So, not illegal stuff at all. But $18 a T shirt is good and I am super happy I got packs with a folder and a soundtrack CD for $16 bucks. I don’t remember seeing any of this stuff at the HMV in Canada and we’re never at the Hot Topics in the USA so I am super stoked with this merchandise. Just don’t know how I am going to take the full size movie poster home. I love that it has Chinese on it too.
I haven’t even watched the DVDs yet but I am heading out for dinner soon and was too excited to not post. Will of course buy a Blu-Ray copy when I get back to Vancouver.
By the way, the Rob Pattinson guitar auction is ending in 12 hours. The reserve has not been met and I did bid. We’ll have to see what Mr. TC says about me bidding more – I am offering to forgo all anniversary, birthday, Christmas, and Mother’s Day presents for the next 5 years.
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  1. The Twilight Saga Eclipse had an interesting love triangle effect and I love how the love story set up. If you love the person you are willing to do anything to be with that person even if it means you give your life just to defend your special someone.

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