Hong Kong Trip – Flight to HK (Part 2 – Kristen)

Okay, I broke up my flight post because it was too long. Here’s the link to Part 1-Rob

This is Part 2-Kristen

(Still writing mid-flight…)
While I’m writing this post I also have Mamma Mia playing on the screen in front of me. Some of you may be wondering why I’m not watching New Moon on an unending loop (just because I can) but I am watching Mamma Mia instead for two reasons. First, I couldn’t pass up the chance to watch Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan. I’m dreading the Pierce Brosnan singing part but I’ll still watch just because it’s just so comical.
If you’re curious about Pierce Brosnan singing watch this video
And second, because my good friend DQ is obsessed with ABBA and watching this movie reminds me of her. Yes, you remember she loves Donny Osmond and ABBA. The girl has other quirky loves too but that’s what makes her so wonderful (Can’t wait for your birthday Vegas trip DQ!) I especially love the dancing/singing scenes at the end of this movie where the guys come dancing in wearing their polyester outfits.
Oh lord, Pierce is singing the first of his songs. I am actually cracking up in the airplane and getting strange looks. Has anyone seen him singing in anything else? I can’t remember. He certainly didn’t sing in James Bond. Ooh, Meryl Streep has a wonderful voice. I remember Colin Firth was singing with Rupert Everett in The Importance of Being Earnest and it was awesome. I remember Mr. TC was not impressed I took him to a movie that had singing British guys.
I actually replayed the Mamma Mia credits – why? Because I love hearing Amanda Seyfried singing “Thank you for the music”

So, guess what I found when I googled Rob Pattinson and Hong Kong?

Pic from Hong Kong Magazine about Rob
topping the GQ best dressed list
I can’t find any info on where I need to go look for Twilight merchandise and I’m too embarrassed to ask my cousins. I’m assuming none of my HK cousins know about my blog or my Twilight obsession. Even though they are obsessed with Japanese characters and even the guys have their rooms adorned with all sorts of pop culture crap I don’t feel like exposing myself to possible ridicule.We’ll see what I come up with. I’ve got two weeks to look.
(3 hours later…)
Okay, my son fell asleep so it’s time to type again. Guess what else I found in the list of Oldies but Goodies in Video on Demand?
I never would have watched this movie. You all know I’m a fan of Kristen Stewart but I don’t make it a point of seeking out all of her old movies or Rob’s. But I was so happy to skim through this film and fast forward to her part. I loved hearing her sing and hadn’t actually heard the second song before. The duet with the the lead actor Emile Hirsch was great.
I couldn’t help but picture Rob singing along with her instead. This video below isn’t the two of them together but at least is both videos of them singing and playing guitar.
I wasn’t planning on watching the Runaways either but after hearing her sing again today I’ll have to make a point of checking it out. This movie was so moving I couldn’t help but actually finish watching it. Tears were rolling down my cheeks by the end of it. I’m not sure if it’s just the sap in me or the mom or both.
I am currently watching Ocean’s Twelve – strictly because of George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Gosh this airplane ride has been wonderful for revisiting the eye candy.
When I arrived in Hong Kong and got to my parents place I was so pleasantly surprised. Guess what my mom had saved for me from HMV?
She has pre-ordered the New Moon DVD for Hong Kong release March 20th for me while I’m here. Yeah! What an awesome mom 🙂 She even saved the magazine in a bag so it wouldn’t get wrecked.
A very quick shout out before I go. I’m adding a new blog to my blogroll Cheaper than Therapy by Musing Bella. She has a very nice writing style and says them very funny stuff. Go check it out!

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