Hong Kong Trip – Flight to HK (Part 1 – Rob)

(originally posted to Blogger on March 14, 2010)

Twilight Saga in Chinese – somehow they look thinner than
the English versions
Preface – long post but I had little else to do while in flight…
I’m writing this while in mid flight to Hong Kong. I feel so oddly cut off from the world with no internet connection and when I switched my iphone to Airplane Mode (no Wifi, no internet connection) it felt like a little piece of me was dying just a wee bit. It’s obvious I need to yank myself out of the computer world if my devices have become real appendages.

This is my first time flying alone with one of the kids. I am taking baby G (age 4) on this trip to Asia with me for two weeks. My eldest is staying home with Mr. TC because I don’t want him to miss school and he has another hockey tournament this weekend. God, 7 year olds these days are so busy!
I had originally debated between flying to Hong Kong on Air Canada or Cathay Pacific. I was born in Hong Kong and my parents moved back there when I was 17. I usually go back to visit the folks every year or two and usually fly on Cathay but sometimes it comes down to whatever is cheapest. Thank goodness Cathay was cheapest. You’ll see why…
By the way, these are the economy seats we were sitting in. The seatback is a firm shell so you don’t recline into the person behind you. It’s hard to describe as the seat slides down and forward so a shorty like me is fine with it and it’s wonderful for the kids.

Well, my little one had settled himself into Lego so I went looking through the Video on Demand system and guess what I saw as the last movie on the entire frickin list of New Releases

Squeals! It never occurred to me in a million years that they would be playing New Moon on the airplane.
I have seen New Moon in the theatre four times and I have it (ahem, not so legal here) on my iphone so it’s not like I haven’t seen it or have access to it. But have you ever watched it with no distractions, save a child asking for Lego help, with real headphones on? It was like being immersed in it and it was wonderful. And there were Chinese subtitles too; I could only read about 30% of it from about 10 years of Saturday morning Chinese school as a child. I’ve got to look up what Edward’s name translates to when I get back online because the only word I could catch in the three characters was LOVE. Yes, the word LOVE is actually part of his Chinese name.

(Note – I looked it up Edward is three characters directly translated is Love Germany China – don’t ask me now what that really means because I won’t ask anyone around here out of shear embarrassment. Rob Pattinson directly translates phonetically to something about sandwood boxes)

more gratuitous pics just because I love them
Once again, there were still sticky points that made me cringe through the whole thing – Alice’s horrible wardrobe, Jasper’s bad wig, Emmett’s over the top acting on the staircase, Carlisle’s makeup up close during the suturing scene, Aro’s high pitched squeaking, how big Taylor’s traps are compared to his head, Edwards lack of paleness through the whole fight scene, and lastly the completely unrealistic amount of blood she had from a paper cut.
Other things I noticed again but not necessarily in a bad way were
how long Emily’s legs were,
Bella’s adorable buck teeth (which I also have so I feel a heck of a lot better about them),
my favourite dialogue between Bella and Jacob where he points out her “paleness and lack of know how,”
Kristen’s wonderful eye makeup compared to Twilight, the fact that I have tingles up my spine every single time I watch the granny scene at the beginning,
that our local pastry chef Thomas Haas must have been upset when they cut out the birthday cake that he made from the movie,
I don’t remember Rosalie giving Bella a necklace in the book,
how lovely it is to have Robert Pattinson quoting Shakespeare to me while I’m stuck in an airplane,
and that every time Edward makes his entrance in the school parking lot I have to blush just a little bit and decide if I should look away from embarrassment or just gawk (I always choose the gawking and drooling.)

So far we are half way through the flight and I have watched New Moon once. It’s an almost 14 hour flight so chances are good I’ll watch it again, don’t you think?

(Note – I ended up watching it again but skimming just for the Edward/Rob parts at the beginning and the end)

You know what else I found hidden deep in their Video on Demand TV offerings?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Behind the Scenes special for E!

I’ve never seen this before although I’m sure it was all over the twilight blog universe and youtube but I honestly missed it. I watched this 20 minute video segment twice because having Rob’s real British voice piped directly to my ears was too good to pass up. Odd that Michael Sheen’s voice is so much lower in real life than in New Moon.

(Note – I tried looking for this once on the ground. It’s not available anymore!)

The food on my flight so far has been palatable. Cathay’s food is always okay and when I’ve been lucky enough to actually sit in Business Class, it’s actually good. Today this was lunch:
It was better tasting than it looks. There was smoked salmon as an appy and this is truly a sign of flying from Vancouver that it was awesome and would cost a fortune for that one huge slice in Hong Kong yet it was in my airplane meal. For the first time ever on a flight I actually had a glass of wine. You have to realize that up until I was in med school I did not drink. I was such a teetotaler and frankly I didn’t have very much to escape from. Then med school hit and everyone has a reason to escape. You just don’t go through years of training and having people die under your care without having to turn to the occasional drink to make you forget about life and new responsibilities.
I still don’t drink much at all (like a drink or two a month so compared to those of you who have a drink or two each night it’s almost nothing) but I’d say that’s pretty typical for an Asian girl. And after med school I had kids right away so all my flights have been with toddlers screaming on either side of me. Maybe I should have got some wine for them to make the flights easier?

This post was too long so I’m splitting it into two parts.

End of Flight to HK (Part 1-Rob)

See next post Flight to HK (Part 2-Kristen)


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