My New Autographed Kristen Photo

(originally published on my blogger blog March 6, 2010)

So many of you know I am a collector and currently of course Twilight is my new shopping obsession. I have alluded to some of my previous purchases including stuff I bought in Forks at Dazzled by Twilight in my previous Shopping in Forks post.

My favourite shirt from Forks

I also mentioned some of my autographed purchases as well in my Twilight Dinner Party post.

My cut out party invites

But I haven’t really blogged about a specific thing since most of my stuff was acquired before my blog started in mid-January.

Well, I’ve made my first big twilight purchase of 2010. It wasn’t enough that I spent a crazy amount on Olympics tickets and also have booked vacations to Hong Kong and Italy in the next few months.

I had to go and buy this.

Say hello to my new autographed and framed Kristen Stewart photo with New Moon film cells. I was off for a week and this package arrived at my office while I was away. What a nice way to return to work!

It comes with the four New Moon cells at the bottom. I love the way they framed these so that I can mount the whole thing with a backlight later. Assuming that this will go into the vault with my other autographed stuff I won’t be mounting it to a light anytime soon. I always dream of cleaning up my den and making it a twilight shrine/sanctuary. (One day it might happen if I can get off the computer!)

Although I was looking for an autographed Bella and Edward New Moon photo this one caught my eye since I’ll be going to Volterra and Montepulciano in June. The colours are vivid and I love how pivotal this scene is. Even you KStew haters can see where I’m coming from right?

I’ll post more about my other autographed twilight stuff later. I don’t actually have my own pics of these things because I’m too busy trying not to leave fingerprints but too embarrassed to ask anyone at home to help.

My new item is not as coolly personalized as Jelena’s Kellan pic but I guess I’ll have to pay for my photos for now. Hopefully they’ll be heading back here to Vancouver to film Breaking Dawn – crossing my fingers and legs (promise to open them back up if the Cullen boys return). Maybe the twilight saga cast and crew gods will smile on me again (hint hint…)

On a side note, I have had this background on my desktop since 2009.

Yes, I love Rob and Kristen
But I just saw these background today at Sparkle for Twilight‘s blogsite.
Sparkle has an awesome website. Her posts are well thought out and I love her Buffy love too. Her post on “If Edward Were A Southern Gentleman” is brilliant.
Okay, my first post on blogger is done. It was fairly painless but I don’t know how to make the images link to a different site other than the image itself (without going into the html). Any suggestions? I feel like I can’t find the post office or something in this new neighbourhood so directions would be helpful thanks!

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