I Almost Caught Jacksonitis

To get things cleared up, I did not invent a new word. This phrase I believe was coined by the girls over at Twired and I really learned about it in the list of ailments for Twihards from Twibite in her post “The Doctor Will See You Now.” Medically Jackson-itis is actually defined as inflammation of the Jackson. In this case they’re speaking about Jackson Rathbone or better yet known as the guy who plays Jasper Whitlock.

Those ladies have a thing for him because I guess they have “inflammation of desire” as they put it. I am trying very hard to overlook the misuse of medical latin and shut off that part of my brain. Okay, back into twihard TC mode.

I have never been a fan of Jackson Rathbone. When he’s in town playing with his band 100 Monkeys I frankly don’t have the urge to drop my panties and head to the front row.

I’d only care if he was being cheered on by Rob Pattinson (whom I dream would give me a boost because I’m so small). Being a Robward fan I’ve never felt tempted to look Jackson’s way. Not out of loyalty but maybe out of blindness.

Yes, I’m really either very loyal or very blind. Even when the video of Kellan Lutz’s Calvin Klein underwear photo shoot was released I was only mildly distracted (although my panties would tell you otherwise) by his ripped body and “Olympic-sized” package.

So, despite seeing many photos of Jackson thus far I have not been swayed.

Until Twitarded posted this one.

From The Last Airbender

Now for some of you Jackson diehards I’m sure this pic does nothing for you. But it actually me made stop strolling and just stare in shock. I started reeling and feeling a bit faint going “oh god, I don’t want to catch Jacksonitis but I can feel it coming on.” So I kept strolling. Phew! That was a close one.

After I calmed down, I tried to deduce what had changed. I finally figured out what it was. It’s the hair. I’m not really into blondes and I don’t like long hair. I would have been a terrible rock band groupie in the ’80s.

Every time I think of Jackson I still see this

and this

Uugh! I know they are just wigs but I’m having trouble getting over it.

Hair is so important. I like this one of Johnny Depp (even though he theoretically would be stinky as hell and had probably raped and pillaged many a town)

But much prefer this

Neither are the hottest photos of him but this isn't a Johnny blog is it

Now, that is not to say that I always approve of short hair. This pic of Rob freshly shorn will show you just how bad too long and too short can be.

Too long - Too short

And how just right looks like this

Even in a Jackson post, Rob manages to look f*ck hot

Oh, I feel like Goldilocks. Wait, there could be a fanfic idea there… I mean if Honolulu Girl from TrueBlood Twilight can write an awesome fic about Cinderella A Tale of Lust, maybe she’ll take this on too 🙂

So, getting back to Jackson. If any of you have Jacksonitis and want to try and infect me, go ahead. Give it your best shot and send me your favourite photo. See if you can turn me to the dark side. I’ll bring cupcakes to join with your cookies.

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10 Responses to “I Almost Caught Jacksonitis”
  1. Mrs. P says:

    Oh…Jacksonitis comes by surprise and without warning. Go peruse SoTwired’s site…and I have a post titled Mr. Jasperpants in my EARLY blog entries…here’s the link http://twibite.blogspot.com/2009/11/mr-jasper-pants.html

    Be careful..he sneaks up on you!

  2. Cullen-ary Curser says:

    Yup. That’s EXACTLY how I feel things.

    There’s a few pic of him slyly smiling at me, er the camera, that are pretty fucking hot.

  3. I’ll have to ckeck on Twired as well. Figured this will rile up Twired Jen After work.

  4. Twired Jen says:

    Take a look at these 🙂

  5. fanficzombie says:

    Oh my LAWD…thanks for the link to Mrs. P’s MrJasperPants. Those were excellent…this is my favorite pic of Jackson http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r116/88megs88/jackson-rathbone-3.jpg

  6. Okay, so sorry to Twired Jen that wordpress.com kept her beautiful pics away from me.
    @Mrs. P – I check out your Jasperpants post from November – I totally see the Johnny Depp semblance here. No wonder, I included Johnny in this post (totally subconscious I assure you)
    @fanficzombie and @All – this man seems to morph ALOT – like Johnny Depp once again.

    It seems that in some of your favourite pictures he actually looks like a girl. A pretty bisexual girl. Like the one where he is sitting with his hands on his knees or the one at the top of your post Mrs. P. I swear I thought that shot of him laying down was of a woman. Granted a very kissable pretty woman but a woman none the less.
    Don’t shoot me. I’m starting to turn to your side slowly. Especially if Twired Jen keeps sending me shirtless photos and if he keeps doing kung fu movies. God, I’m such an asian chick.

  7. To be fair… I am in the veterinary field and had trouble with the ‘inflammation of desire’ for a moment… until I decided it sounded a lot better than the truth (infection de jackson? sounds a little gross… sounds a bit like the michael jackson disease).

    I think they had to ugly jackson up for his role as jasper so that Jasper wouldn’t be in even minute competition with Edward…. becuase when I first saw twilight I didn’t even blink an eye.

    Oh and on stage, the MOS gets out of control-go see ’em! Dooo it! 😀

    NOT that I’m deliberately trying to infect you (snicker, snicker) but, if these don’t do it… nothing will!

    and i knowww… this is REALLY lame, but it’s what infected me:

  8. Rhonda says:

    yup, don’t get the Jackson thing either. now Charlie on the other hand, yum lol

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