The Easter Bunny’s at the Spa in Vegas

So I’ve never had a girls trip to Vegas. It’s always been an idea and every time I come back from there with Mr. TC I always think that it would be great to go next time with just girls. Especially because the guys always seem to go without us.

So this Easter we’ve planned a getaway. Just four girls, a suite at Palazzo, and tickets to Donny & Marie. I’m sure you’re thinking what?? This is a twilight blog – Donny & Marie? I’m sure there are many of you out there that secretly or not so secretly  “heart” Donny.

Some men age graciously...

Others don't.

Well one of my best friends DQ is one of those not so secret fans. And this year she has a big birthday. This girl hates surprises. I mean I think she’ll rip our heads off if we try to plan her a party so we’re not. We’d love to because we enjoy the making cake and goody bags but I don’t want to die before Eclipse is released.

So we’re sweeping her off to Vegas but she doesn’t know it yet. Until now. SURPRISE DQ. Are you happy? Are you screaming at your Blackberry? Did you already know??

Mr. DQ and I have been in cahoots for months and hopefully DQ has been too busy with her three kids to notice. Hopefully she doesn’t mind that the Easter bunny will have to visit without her while we are at the spa. And, hopefully she won’t freak out that we’ve surprised her when she finds out we got her back stage passes to meet Donny Osmond.

Yes, sweetheart, you are going to meet Donny. You’ll meet Marie too if you care. But I’ve heard he’ll give you a kiss if it’s your birthday so you’re in luck. And you can bring anything you want for him to autograph. Now I’m not judging but it might be time to go to Victoria’s Secret in Vegas before we show him your undies to sign. Only the best and fresh will do for Donny.

So, take a look at our hotel at Palazzo (don’t worry, it was a steal on Hotwire) and think happy thoughts about four days away with no kids. Just you, me, JR, and JL hitting the outlets and the slot machines.

Happy Early Birthday DQ!

13 Responses to “The Easter Bunny’s at the Spa in Vegas”
  1. DQ says:

    Are you kidding me? I am so screaming into my blackberry!!!! At first, I was mad at you for going to Vegas and going to see Donny and Marie without even letting me know you were planning a trip. Yikes! Backstage passes, too, I am so nervous. What am I going to say to him? Thank you!!!!!

  2. Yeah that are you happy and not going to rip our heads off for surprising you. I would never see Donny & Marie without you. Too bad we didn’t get Mr. TC to tape your reaction when you read the post. Your call to me was enough to make me smile. Thanks to Mr. TC, JR, and JL too for their help with vetos for all the trip stuff.
    Good thing we told you about the meet and greet. We were just going to let you think it was a regular concert. But then this way you get to be nervous about what to wear for 2 whole months 🙂 Okay, now go give Mr. TC a big hug too. He has been awesome for me to work with and absolutely loves you to pieces (even if he sometimes has a funny way of showing it like all men do).
    Btw, welcome to my blog DQ. Glad you came out of lurking.

  3. dangrdafne says:

    Oh my goodness – that is awesome!!!! DQ you have some amazing friends. I am soooo jealous. You all get to meet Donny and Marie – I had a Marie barbie doll when I was a kid, I am sure it is still at my Mom’s house. This is going to be an awesome trip. Have a great time!!!!

    • I may post a bit about it. We’re sending in DQ and JR to the front row seats only since it’s just way too much for 4 of us. We’ll have to watch the video of her gawking when we’re back at the room. Gotta love Vegas. Appeals to the crazies 🙂

  4. mk says:

    Wonderful, wonderful surprise! DQ – you totally deserve it! You always are so sweet and have a big smile on your face even though, with 4 kids, you have all the right not to… enjoy your vegas time – I suggest you guys ‘prepare’ for your vegas trip by watching “the Hangover” – such a funny vegas movie – I loved it! (It’s guy friendly too, so you can watch it with the husbands)

    Good Job tc!

    • Oh, the hangover. Have to watch. Yes, DQ does have 4 kids if you include Mr. TC. We’ll have to get there sometime too when you can leave baby J for a bit.

      • mk says:

        What? Your husband is DQ’s 4th kid? I would think it would be Mr. DQ who would be her 4th kid… whatever arrangements you guys have going on though, it’s your business 🙂 Just sayin’…

  5. mk says:

    Oh right… and she does only have 3 kids… losing track 🙂

    • Man you are a smart one. I didn’t even catch that. Yes it would be Mr. DQ but then it makes me think of Dairy Queen

      • mk says:

        well I got confused earlier with your reply to DQ, about how much Mr. tc loves her and she should give him a hug and stuff…. I thought, ok, a little weird… but now I now your are just consonantly challenged 🙂

  6. Yes I am constantly consonantly challenged 🙂 You should pick up the twilight music I link to in the latest post.

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