I survived the twibite challenge

Nice to add some colour to the sidebar, don't ya think?

A big pat on the back (or ass) for ME! It was twilightcupcake versus Mrs. P. and I think I spanked her! Okay, she didn’t say it in so many terms but I left her speechless. I am proud to wear the same badge as some of my twiblog elders (sorry, ladies you are all older, it’s true), many of whom I revere.

Okay, for those of you who don’t know, the Twibite challenge is a little game put on by Mrs. P. at the Twibite blog! She sends you a list of questions, or in my case, with tasks and you answer as best you can. Sounds simple enough right? You must head to her blog to understand that this woman is as fast as a whip, her mind is dirtier than Tanya’s twat, and she wears the highest leather boots this side of slutsville.You don’t want to mess with her. I worship at her feet and was delighted when she agreed to challenge me.

But, yours truly, standing as tall as Alice with a tiny whip and little boots – SURVIVED!

Check out her post here to read my answers (all family members who don’t want to see me use the words suck and f*ck leave right now).

I am proud that I left her so speechless she gave me my own button on her sidebar that looks like this

New Moon Breakup Log & My Button on the Twibite blog

All of you who know me well will be in amazement that I actually went into the woods of my own volition. No, I didn’t wear my nice jeans and yes, I own galoshes that I use once a year for the pumpkin patch so no Prada shoes were ruined. Thanks to Lulu for spending time on my cell talking me through getting there and to MK and DQ for talking me down so I didn’t have a heart attack coming out of the woods thinking I’d get kidnapped. Now you see what I was up to?

So, if you haven’t already, go check out my answers NOW. I put a lot of hard work into those. Btw, Mr. TC does not know I went into the woods alone and hasn’t read my challenge answers yet. No one tell him okay? He’ll be pissed.

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15 Responses to “I survived the twibite challenge”
  1. You rocked the Twibite challenge hun! Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. I’ve never seen Mrs.P. be “speechless”. LOL Keep on blogging my bloggy friend! Go Canada!

  2. 17forverlisa says:

    You already know that I LOVED your TwiBite Challenge. Trekking out into the woods with your signs for Mrs. P is priceless. Maybe I should be worried about losing my Super Bloggy BFF status with Mrs. P. Wait. You’re TwiBite Challenge sucked. Hated it. LOL!

    I am on my lunch break and looking through the ff download post, too. You rock!

    • Sorry for the late reply Lisa. Just got back from work and ballet class 😉 I am sure your super bloggy bff status is in no danger. I’m sure it would take more than a couple of photos to break you guys up. Maybe I should send her something else 🙂 Just kidding.
      Thanks for reading the ff download post. Try it and if you have problems let me know and I’ll try and help. I’m no techie but I went through it many times getting all those damn screen caps.

      • 17forverlisa says:

        Jenny, I got MotU uploaded to my iPod Touch . . . because of you!!!!! I never would have been able to figure that on my own. Hell, you may beat out Mrs. P and become MY new Super Bloggy BFF. LOL!!! XXXOOO

      • Yeah Lisa. That post was dedicated to you so I am very happy that it worked. Don’t blame me if you start walking into things while walking with your iPod. Yes I speak from experience. Have fun!

      • 17forverlisa says:

        Last night my daughter came out for supper and to get catch up on her laundry, etc. She wanted to use the internet on my computer and my husband laughed and said there was no way I was going to give up my computer time. I told her no problem and proceeded to turn on my iPod Touch and do a little reading. If they only knew what I was reading. LOL!

      • Awesome. That’s what’s for!

  3. mk says:

    You are in way too deep my friend! I can’t believe you went into *gasp* nature by yourself for the sake of twilight – you know there are ((insects)) in the woods right? hahaha, actually, I am really proud of you… you did wonderful on all your answers – Later on today when we do nursery rhymes with little J – I’ll be thinking of all the ways to dirtify them 🙂 Next time we are in the states – lets go the “Carvel” and celebrate your challenge!

    • Yes, I know there are insects. I was too busy worrying about the bears and wolves. Thank you for being proud of me for venturing out into the wilderness. Yes, I dare you to write me a dirty nursery rhyme you’re thinking with you’re with baby J. Carvel looks like Baskin Robbins – yum!

  4. Tara says:

    I love it!!! Mr. TC will be mostly pissed because after 10 years you won’t get dirty for him, but you will for Mrs. P!!!

    And LOLS, I can’t get the picture of Mrs. P in your home with Mr. TC and your kiddies in her boobless nightee!!

  5. Tara says:

    LOLS! *I can’t get over it…. Mr. TC: Big grin. Little G-Cutey: Big starry eyes. Little TL: Asking 1000 questions like “Why are there holes in her nightie??”

  6. Rhonda says:

    you know where the break-up log is?? so exciting!!

    loved your challenge answers!

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